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am I?
am I?
am I?

Thank you so much for stopping by The Allergy Dish. I am so happy that you are here!

When my oldest son was diagnosed with his peanut, tree nut and egg allergy eight years ago, I was shocked, overwhelmed and scared. But, I made two promises to myself (and to him) in those first days. While I couldn't control the world we lived in, I would certainly do everything in my power to make sure he was always safe in his own house. And, two... I would move heaven and earth to learn how to make the boy a cupcake that he could eat!  


Little did I know that when his little brother came along two years later, he'd be bringing a milk allergy into the mix. We were officially food allergy family times two.


There are countless blessings that have come from our food allergies, and I will talk about them at length within this space.  Of course, our journey has not come without it's share of scares and hiccups, too, which are equally important to share. But, what I hope to do most of all with this website is encourage and empower you.  If you are navigating this often scary food allergy world with a little person you love, you are not alone. And, the more you know, the stronger and better equipped you will feel to keep your family safe and happy. And, for those of you who are here simply because you love a family member, friend, neighbor, student... somebody in you life with food allergies... enough to walk by their side, I hope to enlighten and support you, too.


So, let's learn and share together. I can't wait!